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Custom Domains


You can setup a custom domain for your Builder pages by connecting your domain to a Builder page model.

👉 Required: You must have access to your DNS control panel to verify domain ownership.


  • A page model domain up and running, served under the default domain (*, or *
  • A custom domain name or subdomain
  • Access to your domain’s server control panel to set up DNS records:
    • A DNS ALIAS record pointing your domain to DNS server .
    • A DNS CNAME record to verify your domain’s ownership.


1. Connect your page model to a Builder subdomain

Navigate to your space's Models > Page model, and scroll to the Hosting section to choose a subdomain on (this is auto-generated for your default page model, if so skip to next step)

2. Add your hosted domain to your page model

Click on connect your domain and type in your domain in the input box

3. Add required DNS records

The app will ask you to add two DNS records to your DNS configuration, please add it and wait for some time ( could take anywhere from 5 minutes to several hours depending on how fast your DNS provider propagate records)

4. Validate domain configuration

Once you add DNS records you can verify it has propogated correctly by pressing Validate, once validated you should instantly see entries from your page model on your custom domain.

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