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Making a dropdown menu in Builder

Learn how to use and customize the Builder dropdown menu!

How to use the dropdown menu

On your Builder page, select the "block templates" button. Select the template called "dropdown menu." If you do not see it this template, you can use the search bar to find it.

When to use the dropdown menu

The dropdown menu is best used in desktop mode. For devices without a mouse (tablet/mobile), it may be best to switch to the sidebar (hamburger) menu. After you select the dropdown menu, drag and drop it where you want it on your page. In this example we added it to the navigation bar. You can also choose to show the dropdown menu only for certain devices (such as desktop), by using Builder's "hidden" functionality that can be found on the style tab for any element.

To edit and customize the contents of the dropdown menu, you can hover over and then select the content in the dropdown content box. Another way you can edit/select the content in the dropdown menu is by going to the “Layers” tab and selecting the element you want to edit.

Personalizing the dropdown menu

The dropdown menu is fully customizable. You can edit and customize the look and functionality to fit the aesthetic of your page. For example, if you would like to change the font color of the links, you can select the link you’d like to modify and choose a new color. Another example is if you would like the links to change font or background color when hovered over, you can add this animation in the “animations” tab.

Customizing the animation

You can also choose to change the animation of the dropdown menu. For example, you can go to the “Data” tab and change the “mouseover” to “click”, then the dropdown menu won’t appear until a user clicks on the link. You can also change the transition of the dropdown menu.

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