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The organization tab in the navigation bar is where you can find, access, and add Spaces to your account. Access to Spaces is dependent on your organizational role. To learn more about editing roles and permissions head over here.

If you are an administrator, you will be able to see a tab in your left navigation bar called Spaces.

👉 For customers using our Shopify app, each store is considered a separate space given Shopify's app store and billing system setup. When you install the app on your store, a Builder space will automatically be created.

If this is your first time using Spaces, the space that shows up is your current organization. From the Spaces tab you can then choose to add a new space by clicking + New Space

New Spaces you create will live underneath your organization. Each space will have separate content, separate models, separate API keys.

Use cases

Spaces are best for use cases where you want complete separation of content (content "silos"). Examples of this are

  • Spaces for each environment (e.g. dev, qa, prod)
  • Spaces for separate projects or sites (e.g. ecomerce store vs marketing site)
  • Spaces for separate brands (e.g. if you manage multiple brands with separates sites/presences and teams, a space for each could make sense)
  • Spaces for separate business units (e.g. if you have separate sites and teams per locale or BU, spaces may be a good option)

Also note that spaces are optional, and best when there will be no content overlap. In many cases, using targeting and custom fields solves this situation best when there will be some overlap in content and/or users.

More about Spaces

User Management → As an administrator, you are able to control which users have access to which Spaces. For example, you might have a dev Space that only your engineering team has access to.

If you are using one space, Builder still gives you flexibility to control permissions. Using custom roles you can limit what users can see even if the content is all within one space.

Account Administration → Your account information is still accessed via your organization. So if you want to add a user or update your payment that is all done at the organization level, not within each Space.

Subscription → Another benefit of Spaces is that you are able to control your subscription per space. So depending on the size of your space, maybe you have a large production space and a small development space, you are able to select the most cost effective subscription.

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