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A Space is a workspace where your team can collaborate to create, manage, and publish content. Marketers, writers, and designers can work with the graphical user interface while developers can integrate their code base, including custom components for non-coding teammates to use.

This document covers the basics of using a Builder Space.

You'll get the most out of this document if you are familiar with Understanding Spaces, which covers the concepts behind Spaces.

To go to a Space:

  1. Log in to Builder.
  2. Hover over the Builder logo in the upper left corner to expand the left side bar.
  3. Click the down arrow.
  4. Hover over the Organization to display its Spaces.
  5. Click on the Space you'd like to access.

The following video shows using these steps to access one space called Docs Demo and then switch to another Space in the same Organization called Another Space.

If the Space you need isn't in the list but does exist in that Organization, contact your team's Admin to make sure they've added you to the Organization and Space.

Tip: If you're using the Builder Shopify app, each store is a separate Space. When you install the app on your store, a Builder Space is automatically created.

Because you can control your subscription plan per Space, you can select the most cost-effective subscription for a particular Space.

To view or edit your subscription for a Space:

  1. Go to your Space Subscription tab of Account Settings.
  2. Select the plan.

If you have more than one Space, you can copy content between those two Spaces.

To copy a content entry from one Space to another:

  1. From the content entry, click the three dots in the top right corner and select Copy to another space.
  2. Choose the Space to which you want to add the content. This will automatically route you to the space.
  3. You can now create a new content entry or select an existing entry to copy the content into. If you want to make a new content entry, click + New and select the type of content entry to create.
  4. Name your new entry and choose the blank template.
  5. When the new page opens, click Copy content in the bottom right corner to paste in the copied content.

If this is content you want to reuse frequently, you can save time by saving it as a template. See Creating Templates for specific instructions.

The following video demonstrates these steps to copy a full page of content from one Space to another:

To archive a Space:

  1. Got to Account Settings for the Space.
  2. Click on the three dots at the upper right.
  3. Select Archive.
  4. Click the OK button to confirm.

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