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You can quickly identify and edit Builder-managed content directly from your website with Builder's extension for Google Chrome.

The extension outlines Builder components and symbols on the live, published version of your pages. Selecting the "Edit" button within an outline opens up the corresponding content in the Visual Editor.

The Chrome extension offers an alternative workflow to manage your content. Instead of finding content to edit from Builder's content page, you can rapidly pinpoint and open the content you want to change by browsing your live site.

Add the extension to Chrome by selecting Add to Chrome on the extension's page in the Chrome Web Store.

Confirm adding the extension by selecting Add extension when prompted.

Builder recommends that you pin the extension to Chrome's address bar to make it easily accessible:

  1. Select the extensions button from the address bar.
  2. Select the pin button next to Builder in the extensions list.

The extension will now appear in Chrome's address bar for quick access.

Once installed, enable the extension:

  1. Select the Builder button in your address bar, or select Builder from your extensions list if you haven't pinned it (see above).
  2. Select "Outline Builder components".

Navigate to any Builder-enabled page in Google Chrome. We'll use the "How Builder works" page from Builder's documentation as an example.

Once the page has loaded, select the Builder button in your address bar, or select Builder from your extensions list if you haven't pinned it.

To outline the Builder components and symbols on the page:

  1. Ensure that the "Outline Builder components" option is selected.
  2. Close the extension modal by clicking or tapping the page behind it.

Notice that the components and symbols on the page now appear outlined.

Hover over an outlined area to reveal the "Edit" button. Select "Edit" to open the corresponding content in Builder.

In the example below, we'll edit the header used in Builder's documentation pages.

You can now view and edit your component or symbol in the Visual Editor.

For developers

You can use the Chrome extension to fix issues related to previewing content within Visual Editor if your website restricts iframe usage.

The Visual Editor previews your work within the context of your website, provided by the editing URL, to show you a live view of how your edits will look before publishing. However, if the website pointed to by the editing URL doesn't permit the browser from embedding the site within an iframe, Visual Editor can't render the preview.

The Chrome extension solves this by rewriting server response headers that restrict iframe embedding while using the Visual Editor. The extension rewrites the following headers:

Headers are only rewritten while browsing

For more information, including alternative solutions, see Editing and previewing directly on your site.

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