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Adding SSO to Builder: G-Suite

👉 Builder supports all major SAML and OIDC single-sign on providers. The following guide demonstrates how to integrate G-Suite with SAML, please reach out with the Get Help button below if you need help configuring SSO.

Creating a Builder account and enabling SSO:

  1. Create an account on, this will be your account owner
  2. Contact us via or the chat box on the website to enable SSO.

Creating a new SAML app in G Suite

While we enable SSO for your organization, you can start setting up the SAML App in Google Admin. You can also follow the Google guide here.

  1. Navigate to your Google Admin account and visit your Apps page.

2. Click on “SAML Apps”

3. Click the “+” icon or link to create a new app, then select the option at the bottom for Setup my own custom app.

4. Save your SSO URL, Entity Id and download your certificate, then click “Next”.

5. You’ll see a form where you can enter the name of the App (ie: builder-io), a description (“Drag-and-drop visual CMS”), and an icon:

6. On the next screen, enter the Builder SAML information:

  • ACS URL:
  • Entity ID:

7. Mappings (coming soon)

8. Save service

9. After you create the SAML app, Make sure you turn it on for all users or the group of users you would like to enable access

Add the G Suite provider information to your Builder Account

Once you have SSO enabled on your Builder account and an App you can add your SSO details:

  1. Go back to your Builder organization page:
  2. Enter the SAML information from your Google account above (SSO URL, Entity Id, and the certificate you downloaded).
  3. When choosing an SSO Name be aware that this is a unique name across all organizations on Builder, and it will be used to access your unique SSO login page, ie: Pick something that will be easier to bookmark or remember for you and your colleagues.
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