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Choosing and uploading videos in Builder is quick, and Builder takes care of optimization for you.

When adding videos, you have the option to upload them or embed them.

When you use Builder's Video Block for your videos, Builder:

  • Compresses videos so they are smaller and load faster
  • Lazy loads videos by default

Uploading and embedding are the two ways you can add videos to your Builder project and each has its benefits.

To choose the best method for your use case, refer to the table below:



Great. Builder compresses and optimizes

Platform controlled; for example, depending on the platform video might require more resources, slowing down experience, especially if it is no optimized.


Completely integrated within your app

Carries the markers of the video platform; for example, YouTube logo and styling


Does impact your Builder pricing because it consumes more of your bandwidth

Usually free, depending on platform


Yes, customizable

No, carries platform branding


More narrow scope as it is part of your Builder Page or Section

Increases potential for likes, subscribers, and views on the video-sharing platform

Best for

Short videos and animated gifs*

Longer videos

*If you'd like to use animated gifs in your project, we recommend uploading a short video and adjusting the settings to loop (rather than using a .gif file). This way, you still enjoy the benefits of video optimization.

Upload a video when you have it locally on your computer and want to add it to your project through the Builder UI.

Builder accepts .mp4 and .mov video file types. To upload a video to Builder:

  1. In the Insert tab, open the Media section.
  2. Drag a Video block onto the work area.
  3. Click on the Video block to select it.
  4. Click the Edit button.
  5. Click Choose Video.
  6. Upload your video.

The next video demonstrates this process:

Embedding a video when it is hosted on a different platform or server, such as a Digital Asset Manager (DAM), but you'd like to feature it within your web page or application. Instead of uploading the video file directly, use a URL provided by the video hosting platform to display the video content.

These instructions show how to embed a video in Builder, using a YouTube video as an example, but most platforms have a similar workflow.

On YouTube, for example:

  1. Click on the Share button.
  2. Copy the URL.

In Builder:

  1. In the Insert tab, open the Media section.
  2. Drag an Embed block onto the work area.
  3. Click on the Embed block to select it.
  4. Click the Edit button.
  5. Paste in your URL.

The next video demonstrates this process:

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