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Connecting forms to Zapier

In this guide, we are going to go over how to connect your Builder form to Zapier and connect it to Airtable to store your responses.

Creating a zap

Start off by creating a new "zap". Navigate to the upper left hand corner of the Zapier site and select "make a zap". Next, set the "trigger" to "webhook" and set the event to "catch hook". Zapier should return a URL. Copy this URL and navigate back to your Builder page. Select the form, change "send submissions to" to "custom". Then, for the action, paste the Zapier URL.

Connecting Airtable

Once you have ran the tests and everything is working as expected, you can connect your Airtable account. For "Step 2", choose Airtable as your app, and select "create record" for the event. Add your Airtable account and connect the spreadsheet you want your form responses to collect in. Test this step to make sure everything is working properly. Make sure you are giving each input in your form a unique name, these are the names you will use in Zapier. Once everything is working properly, turn your zap on and all form submissions should now be added to your spreadsheet.

If you run into any issues, Zapier has an "errors" section located in the right side bar. This can help you troubleshoot any errors that may occur. If you run into an issue that you are unable to resolve, you can reach out to our team!