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Getting Started with Builder

Getting started with Builder is simple. can be customized to meet all kinds of needs, from simple headless data models to full on landing page building. You can choose to allow complete free-form control of content or limit it to your design system components.

Landing pages quick start

In this quick start example, we will set up freeform landing page building for any site with just a few lines of code.

When a request to your site comes to a URL you don't otherwise have a route for, make a request to Builder's HTML API (or use a framework-specific SDK, such as React, Next.js, Gatsby, Angular, etc) passing in the requested URL and your API key.

If Builder matches a page for this URL, return the page contents. Otherwise, send (or redirect to) your 404 page.



Plain JS


Also see our guides for Next.js and Gatsby

import { BuilderComponent, builder } from ''

export default let HomePage = () => {
  const [pageJson, setPage] = useState(null)

  useEffect(() => { 
    builder.get('page', { url: '/' }).promise().then(setPage)
  , [])

  return <BuilderComponent model="page" content={pageJson} />
Learn more about dynamic pages
import { Builder } from ''
// Register our heading component for use in 
// the visual editor
const Heading = props => (
  <h1 className={style}>{props.title}</h1>
Builder.registerComponent(Heading, { 
  name: 'Heading',
  inputs: [{ name: 'title', type: 'text' }]
Learn more about using your components

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And that's it!

You've just added the ability to create custom landing pages to your site. See this guide to extend this example for SEO optimizing your landing pages by requiring custom titles, descriptions, and other meta info.

You can do a ton more with than just landing pages. See our guide on creating custom models to learn how to use on any page using component models, data models, or a number of other advanced techniques.

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Plain JS




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