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Many websites hide certain navigation links on smaller devices in order to limit the amount of content that they display on a user's device. A common technique for this is to put those navigation links in a sidebar or hidden menu that pops out when a user clicks a particular icon. On most websites this icon consists of three stacked horizontal lines, which many people have dubbed a "hamburger icon" (☰).

If you use Builder's sidebar menu template on your website, when a visitor clicks on the icon a sidebar with a list of whatever links or content you want to add will pop out. Customizing the content and styles of the the sidebar menu are a breeze thanks to Builder's editing capabilities.

How to use it

Open up the Builder page or component you are working on and the "block templates" button. This will pull up a modal with a list of templates. Select the one called "sidebar (hamburger) menu." If you do not see it, search for it using the search bar.

After you click to use the sidebar (hamburger) menu, drag it to where you would like to place it on the page. In this example we added it to the top of the page, which is a common location for this type of sidebar menu icon. You can also choose to show the icon and sidebar menu only for certain devices (such as mobile), by using Builder's built in "hidden" functionality that can be found on the style tab for any element.

To edit and customize the contents of the sidebar, click on the hamburger icon (☰) in the website preview area. This will cause the sidebar menu to open up. Once that opens, you can click on any element inside and change each one to meet your needs, add new elements, or remove elements.

The sidebar menu was built using Builder's symbol and template tools, meaning that we can edit and customize the look and feel to fit the site. For example, if you would like to change the color of the "hamburger" icon, you can select the menu icon and choose a new color. One thing to note is that since the icon is interactive, the easiest way to select it for making modifications is through the layers tab. If you click on the icon in the editor, it will open the sidebar navigation, just like it would when used on your live website.

You can also choose to disable the animation of the sidebar as it comes in. In order to to that, go to the layers tab and click on the "Hamburger Menu" layer. Then click on the options tab. You will see an option for "Animate overlay." Toggling this option will turn the animation on and off.

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