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You can use Builder's Instagram integration to connect your Instagram account to Builder so your posts appear in your Builder apps! This doc shows you how to accomplish the integration, how to use our Instagram Templates, and how to create your own Instagram Template.

To integrate your Instagram account, navigate to the Builder Space where it will be used. Scroll down to the Social Media section and edit it.

Choose Instagram, and choose Connect. You're prompted to log into your Instagram and to allow Builder to access your posts.

You're then directed back to Builder.

Builder provides four Instagram templates, which are shown in the screenshot below. You can drag and drop any of these templates onto the Editor and connect to your Instagram account:

  • Carousel template
  • Grid template
  • Scroll template
  • Grid with modal template

To use one of the Builder Instagram Templates, navigate to the Insert tab in the Editor and click the logo over the word Templates.

Search for Instagram, and you'll see the four Instagram templates displayed.

Click the Template you like and drag it onto the Editor. You'll see your Instagram posts appear. You can now style the Template to your own specs.

To start, drag a Box block into the editor. Then drag another Box block into the first Box. Into the inner Box drag an Image block (for your Instagram images) and a Text block (for your caption). The text can be either above or below the image.

Next, navigate to the Data tab. Click the Edit Content JS + CSS button at the bottom of the tab. In the JavaScript section, paste the following code. To see where, watch the video below.

  .then((res) => res.json())
  .then((data) => {
    state.instagram =;

While still in the data tab, select the inner box containing the image and text and select Instagram in the Repeat for each dropdown menu. This will create a box for each Instagram post.

Next, select the image. While in the data tab, click + New Binding and choose Image for the Get field and Instagram Item - Media Url for the From field.

Repeat this step for the text, but select Text for the Get field and Instagram Item - Caption for the From field.

Note, as shown in the video below, if you don't see Caption, just choose another element such as username, and then edit the code using code view < > from username to caption.

Now your Instagram images and captions appear! You can customize and style your Instagram template.

To save the Instagram Template you just created for use in other areas of your app, simply select the outer box that contains all the other boxes and in the Edit dropdown, click Save as Template. Choose whether you want to save the Template for use across your Organization. Now you have can have your Instagram posts appear anywhere you drag the Template.

Here's how your Instagram posts look. Feel free to style your Template to meet your needs.

That's it! You now have your Instagram posts integrated into your Builder app, and a Template you can use anywhere!

For more information, refer to Creating Templates.

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