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When you need a reusable Block but want it to publish only under certain circumstances, create a Dynamic Symbol. This article walks you through how to set up a hero image on your site that you want to switch according to a schedule.

The following four images are examples of season-specific heroes that you can schedule to display at the appropriate times in Builder–one each for summer, fall, winter, and spring.

Summer hero image with a beach
Autumn hero image with a woman peeking out of a cozy seater

You'll get the most out of this article if you're already familiar with the fundamentals of Symbols. You should have the following:

  • At least two Symbols to work with

If you're new to Symbols, check out the following articles first:

👉Tip: If you already have a custom model, you can skip to the next section.

Go to the Models section.

Select the +Create Model button.

Choose Section.

Name your new Model and select the Create button. In this example, the name is Homepage Hero, but you can name it anything that works for your project.

Open the first Symbol and select the beginning date and time for when you want the Symbol to appear on your site. To get the date picker, click on the calendar icon.

Select the end date and time for the Symbol.

Select the Publish (Scheduled) Update button (not pictured).

Repeat the scheduling process for any other Symbols that need scheduling.

When you've scheduled your Symbols, you'll see their dates in the list in the Content area of Builder.

In the Page where the Symbol should appear, go to the Insert tab and select the Show More button.

Drag and drop a Symbol Block onto the page.

Select the Edit button.

In the Model dropdown, select your Model. Here it's Homepage hero, the custom Model we made in the beginning of this article.

Leave Entry blank.

Toggle Dynamic to the On position.

To have a default Symbol, publish one Symbol with no dates associated and drag it to the bottom of the group of Symbols you're scheduling.

In this example, there are four scheduled Symbols and one backup, just in case there's a gap in the dates.

For more information on using Symbols, check out the following articles:

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