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Using Templates across Spaces

enterprise plans

Reusable parts of websites help you build and maintain your site efficiently. By default, Templates are available in the Space you create them in. So if you have more than one Space, a Template is available in only that one Space. However, you can also make a Template in one Space and use it in another.

This video shows you how to share a Template across your Spaces, and below the video is the list of steps.


To get the most out of this article, you should know how to create Templates. For step-by-step instructions on making Templates, read the following article:

Saving Templates across Spaces

When you create a Template, Builder prompts you with the dialog to name your Template. If you're on an Enterprise Plan, you can opt to share across Spaces in your Organization. When saving your Template, select the checkbox next to Save across all spaces in your organization.

Click OK.

To confirm that you created the Template, check the Insert tab, under My Templates where you should see your new Template.

Using your Template in another Space

After you've created your Template with the option to save it across all Spaces in your Organization, you can open another Space in the same Organization and see your Template in the My Templates section of the Insert tab.

In the same Organization, go to the Builder Spaces section of your account and open a different Space from the one where you created the Template.

This example is switching from my-app-2 to my test app.

In the new Space, open or create a page.

On the new page, go to the My Templates section of the Insert tab to see your new Template. Drag and drop it onto the page to use it.

Sharing an existing Template across Spaces

If you already have a Template and want to share it across multiple Spaces in your Organization, you can toggle on sharing by editing the Template.

Open a page if you don't already have one open.

In the Insert tab, select My Templates and find your Template.

Hover over your Template and select the pencil icon to edit it.

In the dialog, share across spaces by toggling the switch Available only in this space.

The text next to the switch changes to indicate that this Template is available in all Spaces in the Organization.

How to stop sharing an existing Template across Spaces

To stop sharing a Template across spaces, edit your Template as in the previous section but turn the toggle off so that the label for the switch changes to Available only in this space.

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