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We're here to help

We're here to help empower our customers and make Builder the best product possible. If you have any questions or concerns, we provide a variety of channels to communicate directly with our team.

We're constantly creating new user guides and developer docs to support our users. We also manage the Builder Forum, where our technical team and our community of users collaborate on best practices, new feature ideas, bug fixes, and much more.

How to reach us

  • For account or permissions questions, use our chat widget or email us at
  • For general how-to questions, we have an extensive knowledge base and forum to ask questions and view posts from technical team and community. If you don't see your how-to there, please post to the forum.
  • For bugs or non-blocking issues reach out to us on the forum.
  • For urgent issues, reach out via our chat widget or email us at

Information to include

Whether you're posting to the forum, emailing us, or sending a chat, the more information you provide us the better. Some suggestions of things to include in your message:

  • Clear description of the question / issue you have
  • Link to the relevant Builder page
  • Any error message you are seeing
  • Describe what you did / tried to
  • Attach screenshots if available

Types of support provided

Free subscription plan customers

Standard (free) users can often receive help by posting in our forum. We also have a variety of existing documentation that might help you answer your questions. Upgrade to a paid plan to also get access to email and chat support from within your Builder account.

Basic & Growth subscription plan customers

In addition to the forum, customers on our Basic and Growth plans can get in touch with Builder support through email and live chat in your Builder account. Support is available from 8AM - 5PM Monday - Friday pacific time.

Our chat will prompt you with a few questions to ensure you're routed to the best place to get the answers you need.

Growth customers have priority over Basic customers in our queueing system.

While we will try to help answer your questions as soon as possible, we cannot provide any code or styling support via chat or email. If you need this type of assistance please post in our forum.

👉NOTE: We do not offer video/phone support and cannot guarantee response or resolutions times unless you are an enterprise customer

Enterprise customers

We provide premium support to Enterprise customers, including ticket queue priority and SLA response times. A Solutions Architect may be available to help with code or styling issues. If you're interested in learning more about our Enterprise offerings, please email us at

Severity Classifications


Builder application is unavailable. No workaround available.

Live Chat


Partial product downtime, code functionality not available, or significantly degraded application performance. No workaround available.

Live Chat


Non-critical loss or impact to the Builder product or application. Workaround available.


Bugs, documentation errors, how-to questions, or other issues

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