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We're here to help empower our customers and make Builder the best product possible. If you have any questions or concerns, we provide a variety of channels to communicate directly with our team.

For general how-to questions, the documentation is a great resource. For specific or nuanced questions, refer to the Builder forum.


Builder documentation is extensive and constantly evolving. There are two main sections of the documentation with step-by-step guides:

Builder Forum

The Builder Forum discussions are a great way to connect with others, including the Builder team. Open to all plans, the Builder Forum is perfect for getting others' thoughts.

The Builder in-app help widget is the best way to get help.

If you're on a paid plan, you can generate a ticket through the widget:

  1. Click on the question mark icon at the bottom right of the Builder app.
  2. Select Submit a Ticket.
  3. Fill out the form that opens and click Send.

With this process, your help request generates a ticket, which enters the Builder support queue. When you submit a ticket through the in-app widget, you'll receive a confirmation email from Zendesk, and a team member will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

You can also always email us at

Whether you're posting to the forum, emailing us, or submitting a ticket, the more information you provide, the better. Some suggestions of things to include in your message are:

  • Description of the question or issue you have
  • Link to the relevant Builder page
  • Any error messages related to your issue
  • Description of your steps in trying to resolve the issue
  • Attachments of screenshots or videos, if available

While on our 30-day free trial, you have access to Growth features, including our ticket widget and email support.

Standard (free) users can often receive help by posting in the Builder Forum. Builder also offers extensive documentation that might help you answer your questions. Upgrade to a paid plan to get access to our ticket widget and email support.

In addition to the forum, customers on our Basic and Growth plans can get in touch with Builder support using the ticket widget within the application or by emailing us at Support is available 24 hours Monday through Friday, GMT time.

Growth customers have priority over Basic customers in the queueing system.

While we try to help answer your questions as soon as possible, we cannot provide any code or styling support via the ticket widget or over email. If you need this type of assistance, please post in the forum.

Note: We do not offer video/phone support and cannot guarantee response or resolutions times unless you are an Enterprise customer.

We provide premium support to Enterprise customers, which includes:

  • Ticket queue priority
  • SLA response times
  • Dedicated support through a Customer Success Manager
  • Dedicated support through a Customer Engineer

Important: SLA accountability requires that all support tickets be submitted through the in-app help widget or by email at

If you're interested in learning more about Builder's Enterprise offerings, contact us.

For information about Builder's subprocessors.


Builder application is unavailable. No workaround available.

Live Chat


Partial product downtime, code functionality not available, or significantly degraded application performance. No workaround available.

Live Chat


Non-critical loss or impact to the Builder product or application. Workaround available.


Bugs, documentation errors, how-to questions, or other issues

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