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With Builder's collaborative features, your team can flow together more productively and efficiently.

This document covers Builder's collaborative features and links to relative documentation.

When someone else is in a content entry that you're currently in, the Visual Editor displays several indicators:

  • The other person's cursor moves in real-time.
  • A label with their name accompanies their cursor.
  • An icon with their initial displays toward the top right of the screen.
  • Their changes update in the Visual Editor in real-time.

The video below shows what the Visual Editor is like when more than one person is working in a content entry at the same time.

Assign built-in or custom roles and permissions for each member of your team. The following video touches creating a new user.

For details on Builder's robust roles and permissions features, read Roles and Permissions in a Space.

Similar to Google Docs, you can review every edit made by any team member, revert back to any point time, save versions, and more.

The next video shows switching between versions of a Page.

For more detail, read Working with Versions.

Start conversions, discuss feedback, and share updates and ideas with teammates on an entire content entry or on a specific block.

The next video shows leaving a comment for a coworker.

For more instructions, read Adding Comments to your Content.

Share components, data, content, and experiences across any of the Spaces within your Organization.

The next video shows copying a content entry from one Space to another.

For more detail, read Copying content from one Space to another section of Managing Spaces.

Set up workflows and rules to set up processes for quality control and define who can do what and set up Stages.

With Workflows and Rules, you can ensure the right people follow the right process. For more detail, read Workflows and Rules for Content Governance.

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