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Group locking

When building pages, it’s easy to create complex designs that include multiple nested layers. In Builder, group locking is a feature that allows you to group multiple layers to help you perform actions on them as a single entity. Locking layers also helps avoid making unintended edits to your pages. 

To enable group locking, select the parent element of a group of nested layers. Using the dropdown arrow next to the Edit button, select Lock group.

When editing a locked group, instead of seeing all the individual elements within the group when you hover over it, you view it as a section. This allows you to easily move entire groups of content dragging and dropping to a different area on the page.

In the options tab, you’ll still see elements within the section that you can edit from the sidebar, such as changing text or uploading new images.

If you want to edit at a more granular level, you can click Edit Contents within the options tab.

Or you can triple click (or cmd + click) on an element in the group to make edits to a specific layer.

If you want to unlock the group, simply click the dropdown arrow next to the Edit button and select Unlock group.

👉Tip: save your locked groups as templates to reuse on other pages!

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