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With Builder's bulk actions, you can apply actions to multiple content entries from the Content list. This document covers each bulk action available.

To access the bulk options available:

  1. Go to Content.
  2. Select the entries you'd like to apply actions to. Searching can help filter entries to your criteria.
  3. Click on the action. Duplicate, Publish, and Unpublish happen right away. Scheduling and Targeting prompt you for more information with a dialogue.

Tip: For bulk actions available specifically for environments, refer to Bulk Actions for Environments.

Duplicate all checked entries by clicking on Duplicate.

Builder automatically appends a number to the end of the name for all duplicated entries. For example, if there's only one entry by a certain name, Builder adds a 2.

The video below shows duplicating three entries. Notice that targeting and scheduling carry over to the duplicated entry, and that the status of all entries is Draft.

Publish all checked entries by clicking on Publish.

The video below shows selecting multiple entries and clicking Publish. Notice that the status changes to Published.

If a content entry is scheduled at a later date than when you click Publish in a bulk action Builder marks the status as Scheduled. However, if the date is in the past, the status is marked as Expired, which means that content entry is not published.

To publish a content entry that is scheduled outside of bulk publishing, you must remove the scheduling or change the dates so that they include the time during which you are attempting to Publish.

Unpublish all checked entries by clicking on Unpublish.

When you unpublish, Builder displays a message that lets you know that unpublishing a content entry removes that entry from your live site.

The video below shows unpublishing multiple content entries with various targeting, scheduling, and statuses. Builder changes all content entries to a status of Draft, regardless of their targeting or scheduling.

growth plans

Note: Scheduling as a bulk action is only available for non-Shopify spaces.

To schedule all checked entries:

  1. Click on Schedule.
  2. Choose the dates.
  3. Click Update Entries.

The dates you choose in a bulk schedule apply to all selected content entries and overwrite any existing scheduled dates.

The video below shows scheduling multiple content entries. Notice that the start and end dates populate to reflect the selections.

For more information see Targeting and Scheduling Content.

To bulk remove scheduling:

  1. Select entries.
  2. Click Schedule.
  3. Delete the dates.
  4. Click the Update Entries button.

growth plans

Note: Targeting as a bulk action is only available for non-Shopify spaces.

To target all checked entries:

  1. Click on Schedule.
  2. Choose the targeting conditions.
  3. Click Update Entries.

The following video shows targeting by device and locale:

For more information visit Scheduling Content and Targeting Content.

To remove targeting from all checked entries:

  1. Click on Schedule.
  2. Click the x next to the targeting conditions you'd like to remove.
  3. Click Update Entries.

In addition to bulk actions, you can streamline your workflow in other ways as well. For detailed instructions, refer to:

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