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enterprise plans

With Builder's Roles and Permissions, Admins on an Enterprise plan can grant custom levels of access. With custom roles, an Admin can specify who can publish, and who must request publishing.

Users with publish access have a Publish button in the upper right of the Visual Editor, while those without publish access have a Request Publish button.

By requesting to publish, the user without publish permissions can submit a request to a user with publish permissions to publish content.

To use this feature, be sure to meet these criteria:

  • You're on an Enterprise plan
  • The person requesting publish is a user with a custom role that doesn't include permissions to publish.
  • The request recipient has permissions to publish.

Tip: All of Builder's standard roles include the access to publishing. However, if you'd like to restrict publish access, you must create a custom role, a feature available on Enterprise plans.

In the Visual Editor, when you're ready to publish:

  1. Click on the Request to Publish button.
  2. Select the name of the person you'd like to request publishing from. Teammates with publish permissions shows up in this list.
  3. Add a note if needed.
  4. Click Send Request.

The Request Publish button deactivates and changes to Publish Requested. Builder posts your publish request as a comment in the Comments tab and tags the person you requested.

When a teammate requests that a content entry be published, Builder adds a comment and tags the person or people they requested.

If you're the recipient of a publish request, by default, Builder sends you an email. Because this adds a new comment, Builder also displays a notification badge on the bell icon in the upper right of the Visual Editor.

To review, you can do any of the following:

  • Go directly to the content entry's bell icon.
  • Go to the content entry's Comments tab.
  • Follow the link in the notification email.

When you're ready for the content to go live, click the Publish button.

The video below shows the workflow using the bell icon:

For more information on roles and how to configure permissions, see:

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