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Getting around Builder quickly can help you make the most of your time while working. Using the keyboard shortcut Cmd/Ctrl+k to open the Command Palette, you have direct access to Builder's most in-demand features.

The video below demonstrates one of the many Command Palette shortcuts, toggling the code editor.

To search for content, grab key info, or navigate to any part of Builder use the Command Palette. You can directly and immediately access these features:

  • Toggle Dark Mode and Developer Options
  • Go to the different sections of the Builder UI, such as Account Settings, or the Models section
  • Copy your Public API Key
  • Switch to another Organization or Space

Within a content entry, the Command Palette has additional options specific to the Visual Editor including:

  • Importing from web
  • Toggling the code editor, console, JSON view, templates
  • Duplicating the current content entry
  • Launching Responsivizer
  • Importing liquid
  • Viewing liquid output

Selecting any of the suggested options in the Command Palette opens that section of Builder or feature.

With the Command Palette you can immediately jump from one part of Builder to another, whether it be your content, areas of Builder—such as Account Settings or the documentation—or even launch Builder features such as JSON view or the code editor. To use the Command Palette:

  1. Press Cmd/Ctrl+k.
  2. Type in your query or scroll to the option.
  3. Press Enter.

To filter content entries, type the word go followed by the name of the content entry; for example: go about, where the name of the entry you're looking for is "about".

The following video gives a brief demo of using the Command Palette to pull up a content entry in the Builder documentation called "Breakpoints", jump to the docs, copy your Public API Key, and toggle JSON view.

For more on making the most of your workflow, see:

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