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Filtering content

As your content list grows in Builder, it can be useful to create filters when searching or viewing subsets of content. Using the filter icon in the top right, you can set multiple parameters, such as whether a page has been published or is targeted for mobile devices.

Saving filtered views

After setting filter parameters, you can save these searches as views making it easy to revisit those subsets. When saving the view, you can choose to save it to Your Views, meaning this filter is only part of the user's view, otherwise you can save it to Organizations Views and make it available to every user in the organization. 

Custom queries

If you'd like to create a more customized filter, select Custom query at the bottom of the filter list. Here you can write your own MongoDB query to fetch content based on any parameter you set. 

{  "data.customField": { "$gt": 100 } }>

👉For more information about MongoDB queries, click here  

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