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Custom roles

Custom roles allow you to create customized user permissions and workflows. This customization is only available on Enterprise plans.

πŸ‘‰To learn about our standard roles and permissions, click here

You can define new custom roles that have any, or all, of the below permissions:

  • Publish/unpublish content
  • Edit designs
  • Admin capabilities
  • Edit code
  • Create content

These permissions can be adjusted at the space level or on a per content model basis. This means you can allow custom roles to only have access to certain models and, within each model, you can apply filters to make the control even more granular based on the fields, data, and targeting properties associated with the model. For example, if you want to use the same model across multiple projects (e.g. domains, locales, and/or environments) within the same space, but only allow certain users to access/view only certain projects using that model, then you can create a custom role to do just that!

Filters allow for a lot of customization when it comes to roles, so if you're looking to create a specific role and have questions, feel free to reach out! 

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