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An Organization is the top-most container in a Builder account and serves as a central place to manage users, billing, and Spaces.

When you sign into Builder for the very first time, Builder creates an Organization for you. Within that Organization, Builder also creates one Space with the same name as the Organization. Typically, a company only has one Organization, which contains the company's Space(s).

The diagram below shows the relationship between an Organization and its Spaces:

Diagram of an organization and the spaces within that organization. The organization block contains users, spaces, usage insights, private API key, and subscription and billing. Each space contains is represented by a block that contains a list: space users, content entries, content models, content insights, targeting, AB testing, integrations, public API key, private API key. Each space further contains up to three environments each.

An Organization gives you a way to manage the following:

All of your Spaces reside within your Organization. It is inside each Space that you:

Most of the time, you'll work in a Space, but you'll switch to the Organization view when you need to do things specific to the Organization such as manage billing or add users.

To view your Organization info:

  1. Hover over the Builder logo in the upper left of the Builder UI.
  2. Click the down arrow to see your Organization and Space options.
  3. Hover over the Organization and in the menu that opens, click on the Go button for the Organization.

The following video demonstrates opening an Organization called Basic Docs Demos, viewing the Spaces within the Organization, as well as viewing the Organization's Settings:

For more in-depth information, refer to Managing Your Organization.

If you're using Shopify with Builder, the structure is a little different. For Shopify stores, your Organization and Space are rolled into one entity, the Organization. Within your Organization is your content, where you manage everything.If you happen to have two Shopify stores, then you have two Organizations, rather than two Spaces.

To learn what you can do at the Organization, read Managing Your Organization, which goes through each of the options available for Organizations.

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