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Adding, editing, and removing users along with assigning roles is integral to running your Builder Organization and Space.

To get the most out of this document, you should already be familiar with:

Users exist in Builder at two levels; the Organization and in any Spaces within that Organization. At each level, you give users roles.

When you create a user, follow this process:

  1. Add user to Organization.
  2. Add user to Space(s).

The rest of this document shows you the process of setting up users at each level.

To add a user to your Organization:

  1. Go to the Organization Settings.
  2. In the Users section, click the Add New User button.
  3. Enter their full name, email address, and select a role. At the Organization level, there are two roles; Admin and Standard. For a comparison of these two roles, see the Organization Roles table below.
  4. Click the Create button.

New users receive an email so they can continue setting up their account in your Organization.

To edit an existing user within your Organization:

  1. Go to the Organization Settings.
  2. In the Users section, click the user.
  3. Change the role or remove the user. To exit the dialogue without making changes, click away to close.
  4. When you've finished making edits, click the Update button.

These changes apply to the Organization. If you'd like to further adjust permissions for a user, go to the Space Settings and edit the user in that Space. For more detail, see Roles and Permissions.

The two types of roles available for Organization-level users are:

  • Admin: has all access. Recommended for super users
  • Standard: has specifically granted access. Recommended for most users.

The following table compares the two roles to help you determine the best role for your user:

Type of AccessAdmin RoleStandard Role


All-access super user

Access only to specified Spaces

Invoice Access



Payment and

Billing Access



View all Org's Spaces


No, can only access assigned Space

Add User


Can add other users to a Space only if their own account was originally set up in the root org by the root org Admin.

Note that if these requirements aren't met, Builder returns a message that you don't have permissions in the parent organization to add a new user. In this case, contact your root org Admin.

Support request for Admin-level changes



View of Organization tab

Access to all info

Includes only the Organization name and access to Spaces that the root org Admin has added this user to.

Tip: A user must exist in the parent Organization before you can set them up in a Space. Additionally, Organizations have their own roles that impact Space permissions. For more information, see Types of roles at the Organization level.

To add a new user to a Space:

  1. Make sure an Organization Admin has already added the user to the parent Organization. For more information, see the Managing users section of Managing Your Organization.
  2. Go to the Space Settings.
  3. Click the Users tab and click the Add New User button.
  4. Enter the user(s) email address(es) and select a role.
  5. Click the Send Invite button.
  6. Make sure the user follows the instructions in the email from Builder to complete their account setup.

The process for adding users in bulk is the same as adding a single user except that you continue to add user emails in the add users by their email addresses field.

When you've typed the email address of one user, press Enter or Return and repeat for each additional address.

The process for adding users in bulk at the Organization level is the same as adding at the Space level; go to Organization Settings, go to the Users tab, and click Add New User.

The following video shows the process of adding more than one user at a time in the Space Settings.

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