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Create no-code Shopify magic

Customize, optimize, and re-imagine any part of your Shopify storefront with Theme Studio. No coding required.

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Builder powers commerce experiences for leading brands

Build the e-commerce store of your dreams. No code, no stress, no limits.

Build any commerce experience you can dream up.

No code, no stress, no limits.

Spend Less

Move Faster

Do More


Make it exactly as

Make it

exactly as

you want it

This isn't just another page builder. Our powerful visual editor lets you drag-and-drop to create and customize anything, from header to footer. Start with our templates, import your current pages, or start from scratch to quickly bring your vision to life. (And remember, no developer required!)

Endless customization, endless possibilities

Getting started is easy

Get started with our templates, import your own, or start from scratch.

All the building blocks you need

Drag-and-drop it all, from text, images, and videos to products, collections, and add-to-carts.

Make it your own

Completely customize the look and feel of your content and make it come alive with animations.

Build for the entire customer journey

Create the optimal end-to-end experience, from high-impact pages (collections, product pages, cart) to the essential touches (pop-ups, slide-ups, announcement bars).

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Make sure your content converts

With Theme Studio, you can personalize your storefront by creating targeted page-level or content-specific experiences for different customer segments. Perform unlimited A/B tests to understand how and if changes impact funnel performance. Plus, our dashboards tell you just how much money each change made, and allows you to revert any misstep instantly. It's like magic.


Know what is, and isn’t working

The best merchants find ways to test, iterate, measure, and then do it better the next time. Theme Studio's analytics suite comes with site, page, and content-level insights, as well as heat maps that show both engagement (nice) and impact on conversation (very nice).

It's like tons of apps, all out-of-the-box

Stop installing an endless number of apps. Theme Studio comes with so much power and so many capabilities, you'll be able to uninstall apps that needlessly slow down your storefront and only keep the ones providing real value.

< A little code makes for lots of possibilities />

We think a lot about developer experience. We provide developers the ability to completely control Theme Studio in terms of what can be built and how it can be built. And with a little code you’ll never hit a ceiling.

Full control

No limits

High performance

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Build, optimize, and grow

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A/B Testing

Advanced Analytics

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