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You can view metrics, such as engagement and conversion for Pages and Sections, using the Insights tab in the Visual Editor.

The Insights tab dashboard displays built-in as well as custom event metrics. Finally, you can visualize clicks, taps, and conversions using the heatmap.

Navigate to the Insights tab by selecting Insights near the top of the Visual Editor.

The Insights tab displays the dashboard and features the following data:

  1. Metrics table and charts: view built-in metrics including data such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and any of your custom event metrics.
  2. Time range: specify the time period of the data displayed by the overview dashboard.
  3. Download CSV and customize metrics: click the three-dots button to download an overview dashboard data in CSV format. You can also customize displayed metrics using built-in events such as clicks or your own custom events.

The image below is an example default Insights dashboard.

In addition to graphical data representation, the dashboard displays numerical data showcasing key metrics. These metrics include Impressions, Clicks, Unique Impressions, Unique Clicks, Clickthrough rate, Conversions, Conversion value, Conversion rate, and Average order value.

  • Impressions: the total number of times this content was displayed to users.
  • Clicks: the total number of times users clicked on this content.
  • Unique Impressions: the number of unique sessions during which this content was viewed one or more times.
  • Unique Clicks: the number of unique sessions in which a visitor to this content clicked one or more times.
  • Clickthrough rate: percentage of unique sessions in which a visitor clicked on this content.
  • Conversions: the overall number of conversion events related to this content.
  • Conversion value: the total monetary value generated by all conversion events related to this content.
  • Conversion rate: percentage of unique sessions that had a conversion event.
  • Average order value: the total value of all conversions divided by the total number of conversion events.

All of your pages have a heatmap for visualizing your users' clicks and taps. The heatmap also correlates page interactions with conversions.

To get started, select View heatmap from the Insights tab.

The heatmap's features are as follows:

  1. Heatmap options: you can control the relative intensity and size of your map's hot spots using the sensitivity slider. Set a date range for input data and toggle whether to display conversion data.
  2. Hot spots: these multicolored areas show user clicks and taps. Blue and green indicate areas with less user interaction while yellow, orange, and red indicate areas with more user interaction.
  3. Section overlays: hovering over a content section brings up an overlay that displays the number of clicks, click-through rate, and conversion value for that section.

enterprise plans

Enterprise customers can create their own fully-customizable dashboards. Developers can also modify these dashboards using custom SQL queries.

For more information, read Building custom dashboards.

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