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What is Builder?

Builder is a visual software development platform. No coding is required, but the platform is completely extensible with code. We want everyone to be Builders. Our goal is to make software development more accessible for non-developers and more scalable for developers. To do this, the platform was designed with three key principles:

(1) Integrate with anything —> We are big fans of "no-code" platforms that allow you to build websites and apps from scratch. But we want everyone to be able to use no-code solutions, including those already working with existing sites, apps, and platforms.

(2) Full-service and customizable —> We want to provide out-of-the-box solutions — like sign-up forms, content targeting/personalization, A/B testing, analytics, etc. — that help anyone build, optimize, and grow their digital businesses. But we also want you to be able to bring your own data, tools, and capabilities to the platform.

(3) Autonomy and control —> We want to give non-developers the autonomy to create digital experiences without constantly relying on developers. At the same time, we want to provide developers with the control they need and deserve.

At the core of the platform is the Builder Visual Editor, which lets you drag-and-drop to create anything, including dynamic content and experiences connected to any backend, API, or platform.

Today, the Builder platform powers two products in the market:

Builder Visual CMS combines the speed of drag-and-drop page building with the flexibility of a headless architecture to enable online merchants and businesses to build and optimize digital experiences on any tech stack using our SDKs and APIs. Builder Visual CMS is used by customers for content management, headless commerce, landing pages, and much more.

Builder Theme Studio for Shopify brings together the power of Builder and Shopify to give merchants and agencies the ability to customize, optimize, and re-imagine their Shopify storefronts. No coding required. It works with your Shopify-hosted store and allows you to build the e-commerce store of your dreams without having to install endless apps or write too much custom code, both of which can slow down your storefront.

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