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Unlock Global Markets Faster with Phrase and Builder

Combine Builder's Visual Headless Content Management System and Phrase’s localization platform to localize web and mobile experiences more efficiently.

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End-to-End Optimized Localization Workflows For Global Websites and Mobile Apps

Builder and Phrase give content teams a seamless workflow for translating, internationalizing, and localizing digital content. With a one-click integration in Builder, Phrase customers can ship content to the right localization team. Once the localization work is complete, content editors in Builder can click to apply the new localized content in Builder and publish it to their global infrastructure.


Localize Efficiently

Scale globally with fewer resources by localizing content and experiences at a data model, page, section, or block-level
Learn about localization with Builder
Block level and data model level localization

Build Localization with the Phrase plugin

Watch the webinar to learn how Builder and Phrase work together to optimize localization workflows.


Get more done with less effort

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Visual Editor

Enable everyone to get experiences to market. Let anyone drag and drop to compose experiences with your React components.

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Structured Content

Scale content efficiently. Create flexible data models for content that needs to scale across experiences or channels.

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Asset Library

Store and manage optimized assets. Upload, optimize, organize, and search
for images and videos.

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Auto-generate content and sections. Use AI to generate content or entire visual sections with chat prompts.

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Connects to your tech stack

As an API-first headless architecture, Builder integrates with your tech stack to accelerate your marketing strategy.

Use with any frontend JavaScript framework, from React, Vue, Nuxt, and more

Drag and drop your marketing form

Personalize with data from your CDP

Automatically scale with your preferred frontend cloud providers

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Connect your stack


Running the translation process in Builder with Phrase

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Use Phrase with Localization

With the Phrase connector Plugin for Builder, you can translate your Builder content with Phrase.

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Marketer resources

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What is a Visual Headless CMS

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Explore Integrations and Plugins to Help Get You Started

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Optimizing Localization Workflows: 
A Comprehensive Guide


Developer resources

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Using Builder Devtools for Automated Integration

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Builder Blueprints - Common integration use cases


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