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Partnering with Builder

👉Tip: This page covers our Technology Partnerships. If you are an agency, please sign up here.

There are 3 possible ways of partnering with Builder:

  • App templates - create a widget for your app that can be dropped into Builder's editor
  • App spaces - integrate Builder's editor and features directly into your platform
  • App extensions - extend Builder's editing UIs with the functionality of your app

App Templates

App Templates allow users to drop pre-made dynamic content from their preferred 3rd party apps, instantly.

Once a template is created, Builder users will be able to add these widgets directly into their pages from our extensive Templates library. Users will drag the template to its desired location and configure with the necessary inputs to pull information from your app.

Coming Soon We are developing HeadlessApp.Store, an open-source repository accessible to everyone, not just Builder users. All App Templates will be added as JSX Lite to HeadlessApp.Store once it has launched.

Below, you can see a user's flow when adding the template of one our partners, Rebuy:

App Spaces

An App Spaces partnership allows our partners to integrate the Builder editor and features directly into their own platform. Our App Spaces partners can customize the Builder experience with plug-ins and even white-label for a separate fee.

Our Spaces partners have the choice between two types of relationships:

If your preference is to own the relationship with Builder (and the costs associated), this is defined as a Singleton partnership. Here, all of your customers will use one Builder space and in addition to integrating Builder within your product, you are even able to customize the editor for an extra fee.

In a Clonable partnership, Builder is essentially an optional add-on for your customers. If someone is looking for deeper customization, you can push them to a pre-configured space within Builder, where they will create their own experience and pay Builder's standard rates.

Detailed differences between the two:

With the white-label add-on, the Spaces partnership will allow you to completely skin Builder. You can replace the default user flows with your own entirely custom ones, and customize the editor deeply. Authentication is seamless via Single Sign-On (Oauth or SAML)

In the below example, Builder is white labeled completely:

App Extensions

App Extension partnerships allow Builder to expand our editing capabilities by integrating your app's functionality into our UI.

Below you can see how a Builder user interacts with the App Extension of our partner, Cloudinary:

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