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Usually, when creating a responsive design, designers and developers have to test and retest settings and layout at various screen widths and then make changes to keep the design looking great.

With Canvas mode, you can create a layout as usual and then click a button to make the layout responsive. This minimizes the detailed work it can take to create a responsive design and speed up your workflow.

To use the Canvas block:

  1. In the Visual Editor, go to the Insert tab and expand the Layout section.
  2. Drag and drop a Canvas block into the work area. Resize the Canvas block as needed.
  3. Drag and drop other blocks into the Canvas block and position them freely by dragging and resizing them. 
  4. When you have all the elements in place, make sure the Canvas block is selected and click the Make Responsive button at the bottom of the Canvas block.
  5. As this feature is in preview, check each screen width and make any necessary tweaks.
  6. Click the feedback icon to let us know how it went. This helps us improve this feature.

Tip: You must click Make Responsive for Builder to apply responsiveness to the Canvas contents.

The video below shows adding a Canvas block and using it to create a responsive layout.

To change a block into a Canvas block:

  1. In the Visual Editor, select the block you'd like to convert.
  2. In the Style tab, open the Inner Layout section and click the Canvas button — the one with the paintbrush icon.
  3. Edit the block's contents as needed.
  4. Select the Canvas block and click the Make Responsive button at the bottom of the Canvas block.

The next video shows a Box with some contents being converted to a Canvas block and then being made responsive.

Because Canvas Mode is currently in preview, your feedback is especially important. Let us know what you think by always clicking on the How did our AI do? prompt. This helps us make the feature better.

While Canvas Mode can make it much easier to create responsive layouts, it can also help to have an idea of how responsive design works. For detail, visit the Responsive Design documentation.

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