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Visual editor FAQ

We're constantly creating new user guides and developer docs to support our users. We also manage the Builder Forum, where our community of users and our team collaborate on best practices, new feature ideas, and much more. Should those resources not have the answers you're looking for, please reach out via email at or using live chat (note: live chat support is not available to customers on our free subscription plan)



Aligning multiple elements within a box

To align multiple lines of text within a box, you can use the child layout section in the styles tab. Select the box containing the text elements and select the justify content dropdown in the child layouts section. From here you can vertically align your text elements top, center, bottom, space between, and space around. These options will:

Top: Align your text elements at the top of the parent element.

Center: Align your text elements in the center of the parent element.

Bottom: Align your text elements at the bottom of the parent element.

Space between: Positions your text elements with space between elements

Space around: Positions your text elements with space before, between, and after.

Using the justify content section prevents you from having to use large padding or margin to align your elements.

How to add inputs to a form

To add different inputs to a form:

Select the input you'd like to change and navigate to the options tab. You'll see the default input type is "text". Select the dropdown and choose the input type you need.

How to view archived content

To access archived content you can either search for the content by name or create a filter for archived content. To create a filter for archived content: 

On the content list, select the filter icon and set the property as "published" then "is" "archived".

 Now you can save this filter as a saved view and reference it when needed

How to delete unused images

To delete unused images:

  1. Navigate to an image block and click "choose image".
  2. Hover over the image you want to delete and a delete icon will appear.

How to make images take up full width of parent container

Images automatically take up full width of their parent container when they are dropped on the page. An image's width can change if you adjust the alignment. If this occurs, change the images width to 100% and it will take up the full width again.

Can I download the code for content I made in Builder and run it on my own server?

We dynamically push content to your site through our headless CMS using our APIs and SDKs

How to add more fields to a page model

The standard page options (page URL, page title, and description) can be found in the options tab of each page. To add more page options, navigate to the models tab and you can add more fields here.

Adding opacity to elements

You can apply opacity to elements in Builder in several different ways.

  1. Add opacity to a while element
  • To add opacity to an element:
  • Select the element and navigate to the styles tab.
  • Adjust the opacity in the "opacity" section by changing the slider value.

👉If you adjust opacity this way, all child elements will have opacity also.

  1. Add opacity to a background color
  • To add opacity to the background color of an element:
  • Select the element and navigate to the styles tab.
  • Select the background color and adjust the "A" value.

👉Adjusting the background color opacity will affect that element only, not the child elements.

Can I transfer a symbol to another account?

At this time, you cannot transfer a symbol from one account to another. A great work around is downloading your symbol and uploading it to your other account. To do so:

  • Open the symbol you want to copy over
  • Right click on the symbol and select "download content as JSON"
  • Create a new page in your other account, right click in the editor window, and select "upload builder.json file"

What can I do if my site blocks iframes?

There are two workarounds available. First, we'd recommend using our proxy previews setting (go to your advanced settings from click advanced settings and turn on the proxy previews option) which will proxy your site in a way that allows iframe access. This works for most sites, but if it doesn’t for yours, try turning it back off and try our chrome extension. Just note that all users in your organization should download it as well.

If you’re still having trouble, reach out to us at

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