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Localization for multiple blocks

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To deliver different languages, images, or designs based on your visitor's locale preferences, use localization. You can use localization on individual text blocks, groups of blocks, and whole pages.

This document shows you how to localize multiple blocks simultaneously.

Localize multiple blocks at the same time

To use localization on multiple blocks at once, use a data model. Working with the data model means that you can localize any kind of block in addition to Text blocks and you get all the power of Builder CMS content, such as scheduling, targeting, and A/B testing.

Because this is a data model, you can reuse content across other Builder content entry-level localization. In this way, you can deliver completely separate content per locale, or a group of locales. Relies on passing the correct locale to the targeting attributes.

Due to the programmatic nature of data models, this technique is best suited for those comfortable with code.

Step 1: Make a model with locales

  1. Create a data model for the content you want to localize.
  2. Add a custom field by clicking on the + New Custom Field button.
  3. Name the field and specify the Type.
  4. Toggle Localized to on.
  5. Repeat the previous three steps for each field you'd like to localize.
  6. Specify content for each locale.
  7. Click the Save button at the top of the model.

Step 2: Make a model entry with locales

To make a model entry from your new model, take the following steps:

  1. Go to Content -> your new Model and make a new entry for your model by clicking + New and choosing your model.
  2. Click Publish.

Step 3: Use your model entry

To use your model entry, take the following steps:

  1. Back in your content, for example your Page or Section, click the Data tab.
  2. Click the Connect Data button and choose
  3. In the modal that opens, choose the model you made.
  4. In the Entry tab, choose the Entry you made in the last section.
  5. Open the Edit dialogue of the block you want to localize.
  6. Click the data binding button with four dots to the right. Under Get the value for this from, choose the field from your model entry.

Step 4: Integrate with your codebase

The last part of setting up localization is to integrate. For instructions, continue to Integrating Builder Localization with your code.

Next Steps

Integrating Builder's features with your codebase helps decouple design and marketing from development, giving each team member more autonomy in the process. For more information on integrating further, refer to the following documentation:

  • Integrating Pages: designers, marketers, and stakeholders can iterate in Builder's Visual Editor while developers can work on the code.

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