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Integration FAQs

Will Builder work with my website?

Yes! Builder works with any website, no matter what platform (Wordpress, Shopify, etc) or something completely custom.

We also have a plugin for Shopify and plugins for more platforms coming soon!

Is Builder a website Builder?

No, Builder is not a website Builder. Builder attaches to your existing website to optimize your content.

How do I install Builder content to my website?

If you use Shopify, you can install it with our Shopify plugin. For any other website, from any content editing page, click the "get code" option, copy the code and paste it where you want the content you created to appear.

If you have your own developers, point them to our github page for detailed documentation around code integration options

Does Builder affect the page load time of my website?

It does not! Builder content loads asynchronously, meaning it does not block or slow the loading of your site. It loads immediately after your page loads

Can Builder work alongside my Content Management System (CMS)?

Yes! You can embed Builder content into your CMS, or load your CMS content into Builder.

Likewise, you can still use your CMS for content it controls, and Builder alongside it for content you want even more control over.

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