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Builder Technical FAQs

We're constantly creating new user guides and developer docs to support our users. We also manage the Builder Forum, where our community of users and our team collaborate on best practices, new feature ideas, and much more. Should those resources not have the answers you're looking for, please reach out via email at or using live chat (note: live chat support is not available to customers on our free subscription plan)

Where is Builder hosted?

Builder uses Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, which are trusted by thousands of businesses to store and serve their data and services.

In terms of availability, Builder content is served from multiple countries to ensure that the loss of a major network zone (i.e. country) does not adversely impact the availability of the pages. All network communication will automatically route to the nearest usable server. Our servers are expected to be short-lived and fail at any time, allowing us to create measures to restore the entire system based on the last known good configuration used. The software installed on our systems can be deployed or rolled back quickly without noticeable downtime. Software artifacts are versioned and resist accidental or malicious tampering or deletion.

To learn more about our security measures, click here

Which platforms does Builder support?

Builder currently supports web, webviews, and email. You always have the option to utilize the REST/GraphQL APIs anywhere!

To learn more about our supported frameworks, click here

Want support for something not listed here or for us to prioritize something coming soon? Drop us a line and let us know @

Does Builder support rich text fields?

Yes! Rich text is a field type that allows for formatting text including bold, italics, links, bullets, and more. When you open a text box for editing, all the rich text options will appear. 

Is Builder optimized for SEO?

Yes! We are as optimized as the code your developers write. We don’t do iFrames or canvases, but rather use clean, semantic HTML that is ADA compliment

To learn more about SEO, click here

Is components-only mode used only at the organization level?

Components-only mode allows you to limit page building in Builder to just your custom React components, without custom styling allowed in Builder. Components-only mode can be implemented at both the organizational or model level. This is useful for things like enforcing strict design standards.

You can enable this setting from your organization settings page (requires admin or developer permissions), or per-model from the detail page for editing the model.

To learn more about components-only mode, click here

How do I configure a webhook?

Builder has the ability to integrate with your app via webhooks. This can be useful if you want your app to listen for content changes that should trigger any workflows you might have on your end. An example of this might be to store the data that has changed in your database or maybe to trigger a cache bust in your CDN.

Learn more about setting up webhooks

What Identity Providers (IdP) does Builder support for SSO?

Builder supports industry standard Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and OpenId Connect (OIDC). This means on single sign-on integrates with any identify providers that support either. 

Can I create multiple API keys?

Builder authenticates your API requests using your organization's API keys. When creating a model in Builder, you have the option of making it public or private. Public models can be accessed with your public key located in the organization settings. Otherwise, you need to create private API keys. Private keys can be revoked at anytime. You should only grant access to your private API keys to those that need them. Ensure they are kept out of any version control system that you may be using.

Do you have a changelog?

Yes! Check out our Changelog in the Builder Forum and the Announcement Page for updates and new releases!

Looking to hire a 3rd party to help with your project?

Submit a project request and our partnerships team will reach out to connect you with an Expert from our partner ecosystem.

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