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Creating a landing page in Builder


If you don't have one already, go create an account over at

Create your page

Start by going to and hit + new page. Then give it a name, e.g. we could call this our About page. You may choose to customize the URL this page will live at on your site, or use the one we generate.

Let's start with the blank template and create our page from scratch.

Build your page

Now let's add some content to our page.

Add a template

Builder comes with a set of Builder Templates out of the box that you can add from the Insert tab on the left.

These templates are all responsive and fully editable. To add a template, click Builder Templates from the Insert tab on the left, choose the template you want (in our case, the Cutaway template), then drag it into the + Add Block button on your page.

Edit the content

Now let's double click the "Something great to say" text and edit it. Let's call it "About us" instead.

Next, let's edit some styling. From the Style tab on the left choose fill image and upload a new image. You have a ton of style control in Builder, try playing around with the other options!

Add more content

You can do a ton with Builder, so play around with the different block types, templates, and options!

Connect to your site

When you're ready, connect Builder to your site. This takes a simple one-time engineering integration, and can be customized as much as you need.


Once you have your perfect page and the Builder code is published to your site, hit the green Publish Draft button in the top right corner, and your page is live!

And that's it!

You can create all kinds of things in Builder. Check out many more useful links below!

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