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Symbol with inputs

To create a symbol with inputs:

Create your content that you want in your symbol. Navigate to the data tab and click “new input”. You can create an input for each piece of content that you’ll want to customize. In the example below were creating an input for title, subtitle, and image. For the inputs we entered:

  • Type: text, Name: title (this can be named anything), and a default piece of text
  • Type: text, Name: subtitle, and a default piece of text
  • Type: file, Name: image, and a default image

Now that you have all of the inputs created, you can bind these to the content. Select each piece of content (one by one) and select “new binding” in the data tab. We bound:

  • Text: get "text" from "state.title"
  • Subtitle: get "text" from "state.subtitle"
  • Image: - get "image" from "state.image"

Once you’ve completed all of the bindings, you can convert this content into a symbol.

Now you can drag and drop this symbol onto your pages. To customize the inputs, select the symbol and navigate to the options tab. You can edit all of the values here.

Using a symbol with inputs is great because you won't need to make your symbols inline, so changes from the master symbol will affect all of your symbols.

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