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Learn how to make your Builder content interactive with state and actions in this 5 minute video.

State is a JavaScript concept that simply says an object is in a certain state, and you can update its properties and its behavior will change accordingly. State and actions make your content interactive. Below, we will show you a simple way to use state and actions.

Start by dragging and dropping in a template. Add two buttons below the template. One button will make the content disappear, and the other will make the content reappear.

Once we have our buttons in place, we are going to use the State object. Click on the reappear button, navigate to the “Data” tab, and click “new action” in the element actions section. Set the action to “click”, and then click “edit action”. This is where we will use a bit of JavaScript. Enter in state.hidden=false; If you’re familiar with JavaScript, you know we can add any property name on the State object. If you aren’t familiar, all you need to know is we are setting State to hidden, and then equaling it to false (while means no). For our other button, we are going to follow the same steps, but state will be set to true: state.hidden=true;

Now you can click on the buttons and see our function working. On the left side of the editor, you can see hidden being toggled on and off when our buttons are clicked. Lastly, we need to bind our hidden property to our content so we can visually see our content disappear/reappear. Click on the content that you want to apply the hidden property to. At the top of the “Data” tab in the binding section, click "get" and select “hide if”. Then, click “from” and select “hidden”.

To learn more about how to add custom code to state bindings or action handlers, check out our Custom Code guide.

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