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Made in Builder

Syncing content between spaces

If you have multiple Spaces in Builder, there may be scenarios when you want to copy content from one space to another (if you have separate brand or environment spaces, for example).

👉Tip: Your Builder space may have several types of models. Copying content from an entry will not copy over the model as well. If you also want the model in your other space, create the model first, and then copy the content over.

Copying content

  1. From your Builder page, click the three dots in the top right corner and select Copy to another space.
  2. From the dropdown menu, choose the space in which you want to transfer the content. This will automatically route you to the space.
  3. Click +New and select the type of content entry to create (ie Landing Page)
  4. Name your new entry and choose the blank template.
  5. When the new page opens, click Copy content in the bottom right corner to bring over your design.

That's it! If this is content you want to reuse within this same space, you can save time by adding it to your template library.

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