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Sections Everywhere

👉Beta: This feature is in beta. We welcome feedback to help improve it

With the release of Online Store 2.0, Shopify now supports sections everywhere for selected themes, like Dawn. What this means is that sections can be used by store owners to fully customize their site, without having to bug a developer. This is a powerful new feature! However, there is one drawback: creating sections still requires a developer.

Luckily, Builder has the ability to integrate with Shopify so that anyone can create fully customizable, targetable, beautiful sections via drag and drop that can be used within the Shopify theme editor.

To take advantage of this new feature, make sure you are in a Builder organization that is connected to a Shopify store that is using an Online Store 2.0 theme, like Dawn. Then, navigate to the get started page, select what you want to work on, and then create your section.

👉Note: If your store has multiple themes, make sure to select the correct Online Store 2.0 enabled theme in the dropdown in the upper right corner before creating the new section

The next step is to start working on your new section in the Builder editor. You can start with a pre-made template, or start with a blank canvas and add images, product blocks, videos, and anything else available when building a page in Builder.

👉Note: Creating and publishing your section will not replace your current page. You are using Builder to create a new section for use within Shopify's Theme editor.

When you are done creating your section, hit publish, and your section will be available in Shopify's theme editor. You can then create new entries and utilize targeting to show specific content for certain users, products, etc. The video below goes through the whole process:

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