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By taking advantage of a pre-built Template in Builder, you can create your first Builder page quickly. Follow this tutorial to create your page in four steps. Once the page is created, have fun editing it and customizing it to your needs while learning how Builder works.

To get the most out of this article, you should already have the following:

Here are the four main steps to creating your page based on a Template.

1. Click New in the upper-right corner of your Builder space:

2. Click Page:

3. When the dialog opens, give your page a title, and edit the generated URL if you prefer a different one. Then click Create Page.

4. The Templates menu opens, showing you the available Templates. Choose FAQ Page if you are following along.

That's it! Your page is created. Here's how it looks:

You can move on to a tour of the Visual Editor in Getting around Builder: the Visual Editor, or you can try the steps here to edit any of the elements you'd like to change.

Here's how you can change the Hero headline (in the large image on top).

Click the headline, then click Edit.

Change the text using the dialog box that opens. Then close the dialog.

You can also change the image in the Hero banner. To do so, click the Hero, then click the Edit button.

Click Choose Photo in the dialog that opens.

Choose a photo from the library by clicking it. The photo will resize to fit the banner area.

Here's the result.

You can change the text in the accordion expandable sections by hovering and clicking the Edit button.

Change the text if you like.

You can also edit the icons, their text, and their links. Click the Edit button above the icons.

Change the text, photo, or both. Change the link and the descriptive text.

Here's a video of your page. Congratulations! You've built and customized your first page in Builder!

Since you've created a test page, why not fiddle around with styles and settings? Change images. Add more text. Move things around. Delete anything you don't like.

In other words, have fun!

Getting to know your way around Builder is the first step to creating stunning websites. For a tour of the Visual Editor, the drag-and-drop Builder interface, check out:

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