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To get the most out of Builder, take a tour and learn where to everything is. The following video walks through the features accessible from the left sidebar.

You can use the left side bar to navigate to the main areas of Builder including:

Content: Get to all of your content.

Insights: Find metrics, such as heatmaps and stats for your content.

Models: Define types of content and data, such as product pages, blog posts, and marketing pages.

Integrations: Connect your Builder Space with many other services such as Shopify, Contentful, and Swell.

Help: Join the Builder community or get help.

Updates and Tips: find out about the latest in Builder and get workflow tips.

Account: Manage your account.

The left side bar expands when you hover on the left side of the main Builder area.

The following sections describe each area of the left side bar.

At the left topmost part of the Builder UI, click on the down arrow to select and create Organizations and Spaces.

In the left side bar, go to Content to create and maintain elements such as pages, headers, sections, banners.

In the left side bar, go to Insights to measure and compare the performance of your Builder content.

In the left side bar, go to Models to define elements such as a page types, parts of pages, or data models.

In the left side bar, go to Integrations to connect your Builder Space to other services, such as Shopify, Contentstack, Figma, and many others. This is where you can also grab the code specific to your framework to integrate with your Space.

In the left side bar, go to Help to find documentation, the community forum, making a feature suggestion, or talking to our Sales team.

In the left side bar, go to Updates & Tips to get the latest news on updates to Builder and tips for leveraging Builder's powerful features.

In the left side bar, go to Account where you can rename your Space, edit your site's URL, define user roles, connect to Instagram, add users, and fine tune Builder to your preferences. At the Organization level, this is where you can access your invoices.

Getting to know your way around Builder is the first step to creating stunning websites. For a tour of the Visual Editor, the drag-and-drop Builder interface, check out:

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