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Theme Studio FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our Shopify Theme Studio. Still have questions? Check out our forum or email us at

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What are organizational roles?

In Builder, roles are used to grant permissions to a user to see and perform only tasks related to their job. Roles are assigned when a user is invited to to an organization by an Admin. The four oragnization roles are:

  • Admin - can manage everything including billing and users. Every organization must have at least one admin.
  • Developer - can manage everything at organization level except billing. In Shopify, developers have access to Safe Mode.
  • Designer - can create and edit content. In Shopify, designers do not have access to Safe Mode.
  • Editor - can only edit content. In Shopify, editors do not have access to Safe Mode.

What if I break something?

In the version tab you are able to reset the default theme. You should consider this your Escape Hatch . Use it to revert back to your original template and archive the current page (Note: There is no revert button for alternate templates, it is only available only if you have edited a non-alternate template).

How do I add users?

To enable a user to use the Builder Shopify App they will need to have a user account on your Shopify store, as well as, your Builder Shopify organization.

Once a user has an account in your Shopify store, click on the organization tab in Builder (located in the right hand navigation). From here, you can add users at the bottom of the page. 

How do I test against my current Shopify theme?

To test against your current theme, import your current page with no changes. Next, add A/B testing to this page and make changes to the variation(s). Once you've made all of your changes, you can publish the page.

What are custom pages?

Custom pages are pages not included in your theme that are built entirely in Builder (e.g. marketing and sale pages).

What do I do in Builder vs Shopify?

 Shopify holds all of your sites data. Anything dynamic (product, blog, pricing data, etc) is handled in Shopify. Builder is where you can add and style your content (e.g. containers, product image size, font, banner, etc).

Why should I use Safe Mode?

The theme studio safe mode creates a shield between your live site and edits you create in Builder. Anytime you publish updates, these updates are not applied to your live storefront and instead are published to a staged view. Safe mode protects your from unwanted or unintentional changes going to your live site.