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Out of the box, Builder comes with many built-in plugins to help you quickly integrate with a number of third-party apps and services. The built-in integrations include Shopify, SalesForce, Figma, Netlify, Partytown, and many more.

The video below shows the Integrations page in Builder, which features cards for the built-in integrations.

Builder has several kinds of plugins available, including e-commerce, data related, and content management.

With e-commerce plugins, users can search and link selected products and categories from their e-commerce backend to structured data entries, sections, and Pages within the Visual Editor. In this way, teams can enrich content for selected products and build landing pages or custom sections with elements linked directly to their e-commerce backend and create features such as:

  • Product cards
  • Product galleries
  • Add-to-cart buttons
  • List of product recommendations

See E-commerce custom types for more information.

You can extend the Visual Editor with all plugins, including the built-in plugins for headless e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Swell, and BigCommerce.

Installing the e-commerce plugins gives your team access to platform-specific custom types to:

  • Use products, collections, and other e-commerce resources as inputs for your custom code components.
  • Target content based on resources like products or collections instead of URL paths with hard-coded resource handles or IDs.
  • Preview resources on product detail pages and inside of other content while editing.

The video below shows an example of using the Shopify integration with Builder to quickly use product data.

In addition to the plugins in the Integrations section of Builder, you can create your own, add other plugins, or request an integration.

Tip: If you'd like to extend Builder beyond what the built-in integrations offer, see Making a Plugin.

Learn how to set up an e-commerce plugin in Setting Up Built-in Plugins.

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