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Migrating a hardcoded ad to Builder

Updating your code

To replace an existing ad, you'll want to remove any html and css from the inside of the ad. You'll want to keep width and possibly height information on the container though.

If you have multiple size or placement variations of your ad, you'll likely want to create separate builder models for them

Additionally, you'll want to remove any hardcoded values such as URLs so those can be managed in Builder

Creating the model

Create a new model to represent this ad, and be sure to choose the "component" type. If needed, enter an example url (a url this ad component can be found at for editing)

Creating the default content

Now that you have the model and code set, from the Content page use the "create entry" button and choose your model name to create a new content entry.

If all is set up correctly the editor should scroll you to your new ad and show you an "add blocks" button.

Click the add blocks button and ad a canvas. Now you can drag in elements from the insert tab and position them to your liking

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