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General FAQ

What is an organization

In Builder, an organization is where you can manage your sites pages and content. Organizations are where you administer users, billing and advanced settings. Learn more here about: [adding users] and [roles].

Organizational roles

In Builder, roles are used to grant permissions to a user to see and perform only tasks related to their job. Roles are assigned when a user is invited to to an organization by an Admin. The four oragnization roles are:

  • Admin can manage everything including billing and users. Every organization must have at least one admin.
  • Developer can manage everything at organization level except billing, including custom code and advanced configuration
  • Designer can create and edit content, designs, and styling
  • Editor can edit content (e.g. text, images) but not designs and styling

How do I add custom fonts

To add custom fonts in Builder:

  1. Navigate to account/organizations
  2. Select the pencil icon next to "custom fonts"
  3. Give your custom font a name and upload the font file
  4. Now your custom font will be available in the font section

👉Any fonts already installed in your Shopify theme will automatically work with Builder Theme Studio - you do not need to add them to Builder Theme Studio separately

Previewing pages

As you're working in Builder, you can preview drafts or live pages.

If the page or version hasn't been published, you can select View current draft. If you have published the page, you also have the option of View live page. Both of these options will allow you to preview the page and interact with its elements in the same way as your users.

Payment methods

On-demand customers can pay for the subscription with American Express, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards. Enterprise customers have the option of paying via wire transfer.

How do I undo changes?

To undo or redo recent changes, use the arrows in the top right of your screen. If you want to navigate further back, use the History tab.


Check out our announcement page for updates and new releases!

How to import your existing site content into Builder 

Instead of recreating your existing page from scratch, you always have the option to simply import it into Builder.

From the Insert tab in the visual editor, click on the Template Library button which opens a modal.

Select Import A Block from the Web. 

Simply type in your URL to bring in the page. This process can take several minutes. Keep in mind, If you have anything interactive on your page, this will be wiped out when imported. You can go back through and redo these interactive elements once your site is imported. Importing your site saves you a lot of time and hassle because your styling and layout will already be applied.

👉This feature is currently in beta

Do you support exporting HTML?

We don't currently support exporting plain HTML. However, we have an HTML API and you can leverage the import HTML feature so you can update content and your site then updates immediately. 

What happens if I hit my monthly page view limit?

If you hit your monthly page view limit, your pages with Builder content will stay live on your site, but you will not be able to edit/make changes without upgrading your account.

I'm having trouble logging into my account

If you're having trouble logging into your account, you can reset your password. If you're running into an error when logging in, reach out to our technical support team.

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