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How to Make a Full-width Two Column Section

How to Make a Full-width Two-column Section

This video shows you how to create a section of a page that has two columns–one with a pull quote and the other with a picture. Full-width means that this section spans from one edge of the viewport to the other.

Skill set: Basic

Area: UI only

Length: 4 minutes

  • You'll need a Builder account.
  • An evergreen browser; that is, a modern, up-to-date browser such as Google Chrome.

The video above illustrates all the steps you need to create this two-column layout. Below are the individual steps.

To begin, from the Insert tab, drag a Section block onto the blue work area.

Next, on the Style tab, under Background, give your section a background color. You can paste in the RGBA values, hex value, or choose from the picker.

Then, from the Insert tab, drag a Columns block into the Section. A blue line will appear inside the Section above the text.

Here's how the columns look. Delete the left Image and the Section text.

Keep the Column's Text block, indicated in blue. You'll use that for the pull quote.

Edit the text in the left column to add your quote. In the Style tab, under Typography, change the font size to 40px.

Using the down arrow next to the quote Text block, duplicate the Text block. Then edit the text for your attribution. Here we made the font size 20px and changed the font face to Allan.

With both Text blocks selected, on the Style tab click the left align button to align the text to the left.

Add your photo using the Edit button above the image. Then delete the Text block below the image.

Using the Edit button above the image again, set the Alt text for screen readers, and if you like, enter a URL to your product to make the photo clickable.

If you click the eyeball icon in the top-right corner of the Visual Editor, you can preview your current draft.

Here's the finished layout:

To learn more of what you can do in Builder, check out the other tutorials in the Video Library or build out a page with more sections and techniques in the Getting Started.

For more information on Columns, refer to Using Columns to Build Responsively.

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