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The Builder Drop / Issue #6

January 18, 2023

Written By Builder Team

Hello and welcome to the first issue of the Builder Drop of 2023! A few highlights in this issue:

  • We’re excited to release environments in public beta for all enterprise customers (and thank you to those customers who participated in our private beta!)
  • You can now import or write markdown within the visual editor
  • New docs on how to build forms and send form submissions to any service (e.g. Klaviyo) or backend without writing any code, directly within the visual editor

Happy building!

Using the Scheduler and Calendar View: when you schedule content in the Visual Editor, you can now view and edit those scheduled content entries in the Builder Scheduler. The Scheduler displays your scheduled content in a familiar calendar view, which is useful for seeing all your scheduled entries in one place. Learn more.

Using Markdown in the Visual Editor: import or write Markdown, and make it visually edible within the Visual Editor. Learn more.

Environments: Environments are available in public beta. You can now create pre-production environments to test ideas and functionality, and easily push to production when ready. Learn more

🎉 New documentation 🎉 

📝Creating forms in Builder: new documentation on creating forms is available, where we cover how to create a form, embed a form using a URL or custom code, and connect submissions to your backend. Learn more.

⚡️Connecting Builder Forms to an App Using Zapier: you can integrate your Builder form with thousands of apps through Zapier. Check out these popular Zapier integrations. Learn more.

🛒 Using Klaviyo with Builder: Klaviyo is a marketing service that allows e-commerce business owners to collect and utilize customer-submitted data for email and SMS campaigns. offers form templates that make it easy to integrate an existing form with any Builder project. Learn more.

Check out these new cool features and updates.

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