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A visual guide to headless CMS, server actions and React with TypeScript!

August 24, 2023

Written By Vishwas Gopinath

What up, devs?

Hope you're all doing fabulously. It's Vishwas here, stepping in to keep you in the loop about all things tech while our friend Yoav takes a well-deserved break. Don't worry, I promise to keep the dad jokes and tech updates flowing. Speaking of which, here's a little joke for you:

Why did the web developer go broke? Because he lost his cache!

Alright, with that out of the way, let's dive into some exciting updates from the tech world.

Latest from the Builder Blog

We’re thrilled to announce the first of many knowledge pages. Check out a visual guide to what a headless CMS is and how they work. We're all about simplifying the complex!

Gustavo published an article on moving from Wordpress to

For the React Native enthusiasts, learn how to build adaptive user interfaces in React Native

  • The official React documentation now features a new Using TypeScript page, covering fundamental concepts for leveraging TypeScript in React projects.
  • Node.js v20.6.0 will include built-in .env file support.
  • Learn to create an AI chatbot using Next.js, Langchain, and OpenAI LLMs with the Vercel AI SDK.
  • For those intrigued by AI capabilities, GodMode presents an AI Chat Browser that offers swift access to ChatGPT, Claude, Bard, Bing, and Llama2, delivering a seamless web app experience.
  • Qwikify your Development with Nx

That's a wrap for this edition of our newsletter! If you have any feedback, suggestions, or even a good joke to share, feel free to get in touch. Yoav will be returning before you know it.

Until next time, Vishwas

Introducing Visual Copilot: convert Figma designs to code using your existing components in a single click.

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Hand written text that says "A drag and drop headless CMS?"

Introducing Visual Copilot:

A new AI model to turn Figma designs to high quality code using your components.

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