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Builder Devtools for Next.js, intro to Valibot, + get to know Qwik City Routing

July 27, 2023

Written By Yoav Ganbar

Hey folks!

Well, as usual, I left the task to write this newsletter to the final moment… Might as well become a gardener, as then I can keep putting things off until they grow on me 😏.

(That was not the dad joke yet!)

Anyhow, between the American government confirming that aliens exist, Dan Abramov announcing he’s leaving Meta, and Elon changing the bird we all loved to a letter which some have been calling the worst rebranding in history - one thing is for sure - tech never ceases to surprise.

Remember how software used to be, and how it is nowadays…

On a different subject, I had a chance to do a live stream with Jack Herrington! If you want to learn how to get started with Next.js and Builder, check it out.

So, back to our regularly scheduled program with the Dad Joke of the day:

Did you hear about the calendar thief?




He got 12 months


Latest from the Builder Blog

There’s some turbulence in the tech scene nowadays as I see it, a lot of new questions and problems are popping up with the rise of AI.

The most paramount of which is security and intellectual property. Seems Google is attempting to tackle the former but is hitting walls and scrutiny from the community.

Now that you can generate images, videos, and voice, there’s a real fear that creative professions such as acting, dubbing, or even translating might become a thing of the past. It’s not surprising to me that Hollywood folks went on strike, for fear of changes.

I for one, think that it’s not that AI is going to take away our jobs, but it’s going to make some tasks much faster, and others obsolete, freeing us time to solve more difficult problems.

Like, I don’t think I can code without Copilot anymore 😅…

Anywho, just some musings to keep you hungry for the next issue.

Till then, embrace the bots, drink lots of water and hug a loved one.

Take care.


Introducing Visual Copilot: convert Figma designs to code using your existing components in a single click.

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Introducing Visual Copilot:

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