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Hydration sabotages lazy loading, adding AI to your toolkit, and the technique Valibot used to reduce its bundle size

October 6, 2023

Written By Yoav Ganbar

Yo yo,

What’s good, devs?

I’m at Armada.js conference, after giving my talk “Frontend is dead, long live full stack”.

I think it went well… I got good feedback from the audience and other speakers such as Daniel Roe, Barry Pollard, Manu Almeida, and Max Kless. As well as from one of the conference MCs, Ramón Huidobro.

That’s a win in my book 👌🏽.

Other than that, a ton of insightful conversations about the web, performance, JS frameworks, and whatnot with all this incredible talent have gotten me super hyped!

Hopefully, these conversations will lead to more interesting content for y’all!

This issues Dad joke of the day is by Nuxt Framework Lead, Daniel Roe:

Why do Swedish ships have barcodes on them?



Because they’re Scandinavian.

Latest from the Builder Blog
Latest from the Builder Blog
Latest from the Builder Blog

Well, that’s it for this issue.

Hoping everyone is well rested as I wish I’d be. I still have some after-parties to attend and keep doing that DevRel thing.

Live long and prosper, friends. 🖖🏼


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