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Builder Drop #15: Design with Mobile Sidecar

July 7, 2023

Written By Builder Team

This time around, we’ve added tags to Builder data models and updated our admin user controls. We’re helping you use POST better with the Write API docs, and we’ve launched a new developer experience for getting started with Qwik and Builder.

Product Releases and Updates

Catch mobile issues before they happen

Visualize how your designs look on desktop and mobile devices at the same time throughout the entire editing process with the new mobile sidecar preview.

Check it out in the docs

Limit tag selection to specific values

Ensure consistency and help your team categorize content with multi-select enums in data models and custom component inputs.

New admin controls & monitoring

Builder admins can now set user limits and anyone with permissions can easily monitor usage across spaces and environments.

POST with the Builder Write API

You asked for more and we listened. Check out the expanded info on POST. 

Check it out in the docs

Zoom images on hover

Make your images stand out by adding a zoom effect on hover.

Check it out in the docs

How to Ship your First Personalized Web Experience

Learn how easy it can be to ship personalized experiences with Builder.

Introducing Builder Devtools

Now you can get started with a Qwik app integrated with Builder's visual editor in just a few steps. Run npm create qwik@latest to try it out!

CSS: The Good Parts

Journey through the past 30 years as CSS has changed to accommodate powerful web layouts and take a peek at the future of styling the web

Routing and SEO Metadata in Next.js 13

Learn how to leverage the Metadata API to enhance routing metadata and improve SEO in Next.js 13.

Introducing Visual Copilot: convert Figma designs to code using your existing components in a single click.

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Hand written text that says "A drag and drop headless CMS?"

Introducing Visual Copilot:

A new AI model to turn Figma designs to high quality code using your components.

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